Water hardness in the US
Extremely Hard water Moderately hard water
Very hard water Slightly hard water
Hard water

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How much HARDNESS is your water bringing into your home?

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Water Quality Associtation
Hardness Classification Table
Soft Water
0 to 1 Grains per Gallon
Slightly Hard Water
1 to 3 Grains per Gallon
Moderately Hard Water
3 to 7 Grains per Gallon
Hard Water
7 to 10 Grains per Gallon
Very Hard Water
10 to 14 Grains per Gallon
Extremely Hard Water
Over 14 Grains per Gallon

Total Water Use Map

Iron Map
Hardness Map
pH Map
Iron water explained
Hardness explained
pH explained
Troublesome Trio
Why soft water?
Low pH - Causes


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